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Lockdown to Open Up

It was interesting to notice that oddly, during lockdown, things were actually opening up; new ideas, new ways of working …..

For example, when the deteriorating mental health of children was highlighted due to home schooling and lack of interaction with their friends, this prompted a Conversation among the churches about how we could respond.

The results? Connect distributed among the Churches a Connect mental health support pack made up of Mental health first aid (MHFA) kit from Dave Burke, MHFA Trainer and a directory of certified mental health groups and agencies within Sunderland.

Church leaders, members and Champions were offered a package of MHFA and Wellkidz training; a package put together by Dave Burke and Wearside Youth for Christ, so they could support young people who approached them for help.

I’ve just tracked the number of leaders and volunteers that attend the training sessions and was impressed to note that 22 Churches were trained as well as 8 schools and 108 pupils who engaged in the Wellkidz training.

So lockdown isn’t all bad!


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