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As Christians leaders working in Sunderland, we recognise our common desire to see this City and its people transformed by the love and grace of Jesus Christ. 


We know all Christians have a part to play in sharing the good news of Jesus and we recognise we are strongest when we work together and pray together.

"For me it’s about connecting with the other leaders across the city, to hear what God is doing and stand with other leaders to pray for revival"

  Gav Rushton, Church Leader

Connect Network facilitate various opportunities for Christian ministers and organisation leaders, known as Leader's Connect, to come together for mutual encouragement, practical support, to pray and to explore ways of working together on key challenges facing our city. 

For information about our meetings click the link below

Prayer is the Christian’s vital breath, the Christian’s native air”. How good it is to pray together for the good of Sunderland. Please join us.

Alf Waite, Chair of Leaders Connect Steering Team

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