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"The Church is more than a building, it’s a group of people."

It is quite remarkable to see how God has been building His Church over the years. The Church in Sunderland is reaching into so many areas in our city taking Gods kingdom wherever it goes. How wonderful to be part of a body to serve our City.


The Church in Sunderland is... Schools and communities, demonstrating the love of God, declaring who Jesus is, encouraging a decision to follow Him and discipling young people to live their lives to the full.


The Church in Sunderland is…

…supporting refuges, asylum seekers and other migrants to integrate successfully into the community and lead

more independent and resilient lives. 


The Church in Sunderland is...

…working in partnership with the Police and other key organisations to support men, women and families rescued from modern slavery, giving them a safe house and helping survivors integrate back into society and live independently, in freedom.


The Church in Sunderland is...

…in prisons and communities supporting people throughout the journey of custody and rehabilitation. Seeing

lives set free, transformed and empowered.


The Church in Sunderland is…

…patrolling the street between the hours of 10:00 pm and 4:00am to care for, listen to and help people

who are out on the streets. 


The Church in Sunderland is…

…helping people to forget what is in the past and to look forward to what lies ahead, training people who face barriers and supporting them into sustainable employment whilst tackling the root causes of poverty and social exclusion.

Talk to us about how we can incorporate a Connect Sunday within your Sunday Church service. We will invite at your request, 3-4 Christian organisations currently working in Sunderland to come and share about where they are reaching in Sunderland.

This will bring new life and encouragement to your congregation as they will be exposed to the wider body as it works across the city. There will be opportunities presented for you to partner with these organisations and become part of the wonderful work the Church is doing in Sunderland.

Book a Connect Sunday and we will introduce you to the Church in Sunderland

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