An opportunity to discuss key issues that affect Sunderland.

Connect Conversations are a way to bring community stakeholders together to discuss key issues.


We intend our Conversations to be a catalyst for change by bringing together members of Christian churches, community organisations, schools, the Council and many other agencies to discuss challenges in the city.


We engage in a conversation about a particular key issue - such as health and wellbeing, poverty, families, young people, and aspirations - to raise awareness, identify issues and brainstorm solutions.

​What is a Connect Conversation?

How does it work?

During a conversation we will talk about a key issue and look at:

  • Existing gaps/needs - can need be identified in a certain area of the city or within a community itself?

  • Current solutions - who is doing what, where and with whom?

  • New opportunities - have you got an idea of something new to fill a need or a gap?

  • Sharing resources - can you provide people, experience, facilities or perhaps even specialist advice?


We recognise that there is already a lot of activity across the City and we want to map these out to promote awareness and encourage partnerships for mutual and beneficial gain. Why not start your own conversation with us today?

Connect Network 

Bede Tower, Burdon Road, Sunderland. SR2 7EA


TEL: 07588 471 808


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