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“All good things start with a dream. The dream becomes a vision. The vision becomes a plan. The plan becomes a reality”


A conversation between church and community to develop a project that will positively benefit the people of Sunderland.


There are some major issues in our community that need to be urgently addressed!  We are passionate about having conversations to bring about change involving Christian Churches, community organisations, schools, Sunderland City Council and many other agencies.  By collaborating on this level, we hope to highlight the issues and enact change on a city-wide level.


Our aim is to engage in a conversation about a particular key issue - such as health and wellbeing, poverty or families and young people, in order to raise awareness of the issue, identify main concerns within the issue and brainstorm solutions.  


We are currently engaging in a number of conversations around Health and Wellbeing with our agenda focusing on: -

  • Raising awareness

  • What are we going to do about it? Who is going to be involved?

  • A strategy/plan

  • Action


"Working with Connect Network we have benefitted from the networks expertise and ability to engage with a range of faith and community groups on shared priorities for Sunderland residents especially for the vulnerable and financially excluded. They are always willing to engage as well as challenge constructively.


They were key players in supporting the End Food Poverty Sunderland Event and action plan."


Joan Reed, Sunderland City Council

We recognise that there is already a lot of activity across the City, and we want to map these out to promote awareness and encourage partnerships for mutual and beneficial gain. Why not start your own conversation with us today?

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