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Join Connect Network on Friday 24th June 2022 at 12 noon as we showcase and celebrate the impact of the Christian community across Sunderland



The Christian community in Sunderland serves this city with so much joy and care. Needs are met, lives are transformed, and the love of God is shared with those who truly need it.


The world is a broken place, and the city of Sunderland knows its own brokenness. We know the hope that we bring when we serve, when we give, and when we reach out.


The church is playing an active role from toddler groups, paid and volunteer opportunities to food banks and grocery stores, and we want to showcase the work that we do and let everyone know what we are all about!

On Friday 24th June we’re hosting the Believe in Sunderland 2022 event; an opportunity to hear what the Christian community are doing in your area and how this can impact your life.


Join us for this presentation through stories, flyers, and a chance to connect and leave resourced, encouraged, and inspired to help others through the resources on offer. 

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