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Faith in Mind

Workshops and one-to-one coaching to support churches

working with those affected by trauma or addiction 

The project is led by Deb Fozzard, Director of Sunderland Connect Network, and Rebekah Allon-Smith, a Psychotherapist-trainer passionate about sharing psychological and therapeutic knowledge with non-professionals, and particularly those within faith communities.


Faith in Mind is an initiative which equips members of local churches to more effectively support those with addictions and mental health needs. It involves a series of workshop sessions on topics such as trauma, addiction, depression and anxiety, self harm and suicidality to support those involved in pastoral care, food banks and other outreach activities to be more aware and educated on these themes, and therefore to support and engage with those in need more effectively. Alongside the workshops, Faith in Mind also provides one-to-one coaching sessions to those involved, to support them with personal or missional-related questions arising from the topics covered. 

Faith in Mind does not train participants as counsellors or equip them to provide professional or in-depth support, but is about educating church members to engage appropriately and to recognise their own limits and boundaries and where onward professional referral is needed.

"Before Faith in Mind I thought addictions are something that a person could stop if they wanted to. Now I think it is not that simple. Also, although I am empathic and a good listener, there is room for improvement. Sometimes I need to resist the urge to speak and give the person space to talk without interruption".           (Previous delegate of Faith in Mind workshop ) 


The following events are planned within the Faith in Mind Project.

Each workshop runs from  10:00 - 2:30 with refreshments available from 9:30.                       Participants can bring a packed lunch.  


Friday 26th January, 2024

Introduction to Neurodiversity:

Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHA.


Friday 8th March, 2024

Understanding Domestic Abuse 

Friday 17th May, 2024

Understanding Eating Disorders


One-to-one Coaching

Fridays 9th February, 26th April, 21st June 2024

One-to-one coaching with Rebekah




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