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​What is a Connect Sunday?

A Connect Sunday is an opportunity for us to tell congregations about the great work God is doing across the city.


You'll give over part - or all - of your Sunday service so that we can talk with your parishioners about the wonderful work happening in the city, how they can play a part in it, and what Sunderland Connect Network does to help. 

How does it work?

We'll work with you to identify one Sunday that you're willing to give over to the Network. Once the date is agreed, we'll invite a small number of partner organisations to participate and share their news.


This can be done as part of the meeting that day or as a stand alone item in the service. We will work with the church and ensure that all those participating respect the time and opportunity given to the network on the day.

After the gathering, the organisations would have an area set aside where they could meet and share further with the congregation, and explore more opportunities for involvement with the network.

Why host a Connect Sunday?


Hosting a Connect Sunday:​

  • demonstrates to congregations the unity of organisations across the city

  • reduces the feeling of multiple weeks being taken over by “pitches” from organisations that may not be relevant to them

  • gives organisations an easy route into churches and a clear timetable for their involvement

  • equips and encourages the people of Sunderland to get involved in a ministry and be a benefit to all involved

If you'd like to host a Connect Sunday, please contact us using the link below.

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