Gifts of Love began many years ago with one Church distributing beautifully put together Christmas hampers to families in need at Christmas.


The families were identified by Children’s services as the most vulnerable families who would benefit greatly from such a gift. The hampers weren’t just a response to the need for food but, an act of kindness and a gift of love from the Church to the community.  Over time Churches got involved right across Sunderland including Washington and the Coalfields. 

Though some hampers are distributed directly by the referrer, there is also the opportunity for the Church to deliver the hamper directly. This is a wonderful opportunity for the families to develop links with their local church where there are often activities for them to join in and a caring community. 

This year we are delighted to be working in partnership with Social Chef. 

How It Works

1) Identify a Gifts of Love Champion within your organisation who will liaise with our Gifts of Love Co-ordinator, Louise Nicholson.

2) Contact Louise info@connectnetwork.uk with your phone number, email address and estimate of how many hampers you think you will make. 

3) Louise will supply you with a Gifts of Love information pack which includes:

  • a poster to advertise the fact you're taking part

  •  gift tags to attach to each hamper

  • a list of recommended food items to go into each hamper


We can also arrange to give you baskets and cellophane to put the items in.

4) Begin collecting items to make up your Gifts of Love.

Contact Us

Jen Bradshaw is overseeing this project and is the point of contact for Gifts of Love Champions. Her phone number is: 07443 228077 E-mail: revjenabradshaw@gmail.com 


Jen will match the list of referrals with the hampers made so that wherever possible the church or school positioned nearest to the family in need will distribute the hamper. (NB -  this cannot always be the case as some families are very vulnerable and an assigned worker will need to deliver the hamper). 

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