How it began...

Gifts of Love began many years ago with one Church wanting to show the love of Jesus in a practical way at Christmas.  What followed was a wonderful response from individuals in the Church who generously gave what they could in the way of  everyday food items, mixed with the luxury Christmas food items many of us take for granted. Each item was carefully put together to make up beautiful, luxury hampers which were then given out to families in need at Christmas.

Each family was identified by Children’s services as the most vulnerable families who would benefit greatly from such a gift. The hampers weren’t just a response to the need for food but, an act of kindness and a gift of love from the Church to the community. Over time Churches, schools and other local organisations got involved from right across Sunderland including Washington and the Coalfields.

Meet Louise – Louise is a Trustee at Connect Network and because she is passionate about the  Gifts of Love project, has kindly volunteered to oversee the project and be the main point of contact this year.


Donate - Churches/schools/organisations/individuals wishing to donate:

  • Food items – can be dropped off at participating Churches or schools or contact Louise to arrange delivery/collection

  • Money to buy food items – visit use reference ‘hampers’.


Making a Hamper - Churches/schools/organisations who are making up hampers:

  • Your church/school/organisation should identify a Gifts of Love Champion who will liaise with Louise.

  • The Champion will supply Louise with their phone number, e-mail address and estimate of how many hampers they will make.

  • Louise will supply the Champion with an information pack which includes a poster (put your name on it so people within your church/school/organisation know who to contact), gift tags to attach to each hamper, and a ‘suggested shopping list’ of recommended food items to go into each hamper.

  • We can arrange to give you baskets and cellophane to put the items in.

  • Picture - Martin and June Bolt, Ministers at Bethel Church with a hamper ready for distribution.


Referrals - Referrals can be made by Churches, schools, support services etc.

  • Details of referrals and their needs e.g. family hamper/single person hamper should be sent to Louise.

  • Louise will match the list of referrals with the hampers made so that wherever possible the church or school positioned nearest to the family in need will distribute the hamper. (NB - this cannot always be the case as some families are very vulnerable and an assigned worker will need to deliver the hamper).

Martin and June.JPG

Contact Louise

Tel: 07980007690


To download an information pack click here